Our mission is to provide professional Information Technology services that enhance your business growth at a jet speed.


About Us

Techtiary is an Information Technology startup that is setup to provide, at a jet speed, professional digital and Information Technology services tailored for business growth of either startups or enterprises. These services cut across the following categories: Brand Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing and Techtiary programs/Training services.

We are also a team of tech enthusiasts who believe that technology will play an integral role in Nigeria’s course for prosperity, and this, we believe, can be put to life by making the Global In-Demand Skills inclusive from Secondary Education. This is a corporate social responsibility executed by our volunteers, and mentors, whom we refer to as Humans of Techtiary.

By 2030, we aim to be a firm to be reckoned with and the forerunner who is making significant impact and as well changing the narrative in the information technology sector in Nigeria.

Techtiary is the Winner of The Bridge 2021 SME Pitch Challenge.

Humans of Techtiary

We are a Team of Talented Coders, Design Ninjas, and Business Gurus.

Malik A. Kolade

Executive Director

Humans of Techtiary

3.142 Mentors

Humans of Techtiary

3.142 Volunteers

Exclusive Websites

We understand what it means to represent a business online in the appropriate way, and that is why we channel so much enthusiasm in designing/developing exclusive website for your business. This, in our book, is what we know as customer satisfaction.

We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

 Apart from making exclusive responsive websites/software suitable for desktop, we also design for mobile platforms, both Android and iOS applications.  

We Place Your Business Everywhere.

Our goal, working with your business brand, is to strategically place your brand appealing to your prospective customers. This is what makes us a brand you want to be associated with.

We do more than just rendering professional information Technology services, we offer value at a jet speed.


Our Trademarked 
Process & Workflow.

A wonderful experience is what makes a customer/client patronizes again. To create that wonderful experience for your business, these are our trademarked process and workflow: 


We research to develop a deep understanding of your project.


We brainstorm potential solutions that’ll scale your business.


We design and lay out contents and functionality of the solutions.


We put into use our expertise to successfully implement them.

Let’s Work Together

Let us help you recreate a feel of what you are feeling while checking through our website with your business. We do not only deliver professional services, we deliver it at a jet speed.

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