Techtiary Programs

Our programs, in accordance to our dreams and what we stand for, are focused on, but not limited to, the technological aspect of these skills. They also focus on the business aspects for individual and National prosperity.

In Short

Techtiary programs aim at, but not limited to, complementing or providing an alternative to tertiary education, and as well harness the potentials of the youth workforce and the teenage minds towards National Development. These programs are lined out in these four categories: 3.142 Bootcamp, 3.142 iDEAS, Volunteering, and Mentorship. With Techtiary Programs, we intend to groom Teens and Youths through 3.142 Bootcamp and provide them with professional support to let them hone and practice the skills through Mentorship programs. While our Volunteering program is aimed at individuals who want to carry out community social responsibility through our TechTalk and Trainings to various secondary schools, our 3.142 iDEAS is the platform we set aside for collaboration of ideas for technological advancement and national development.

3.142 Bootcamp

We intend to start with TechTalk to let these young minds realise the value of learning this global in-demand skills.

We then will proceed with the bootcamp to teach them these skills for a period of 4 – 5 weeks, scaling them from being fundamental to being advanced.

Also, techpreneurship is not only about being techie, hence the bootcamp also will take them through the fundamental business aspect of each skill.

3.142 iDEAS

Ideas are conceived by man, but in the true sense, those ideas conceived by man are actually bigger than the man himself.

We understand that as a thinker, a lot of ideas cross the mind. You feel it like the blood in your veins, but you imagine it to be complex if you want to do it.

Thus 3.142 iDEAS is the platform we set aside for collaboration of ideas for technological advancement and national development.


Not only do we know, we also understand the hurdles many go through before they reach the height they are today.

Consequently, we find mentoring to be a tool that will help these young potentials to successfully navigate through the hurdles after the bootcamp.

We therefore look forward to individuals who have reached this level of commendable proficiency to mentor these young potentials 


We believe you share the same dream of making Nigeria a better place as we do, and these dreams we do not want to keep them in deep slumber.

Volunteer with us today as 3.142Volunteer and help us with your expertise to teach these young potentials the GLOBAL IN-DEMAND SKILLS.

We look forward to having you as one of our volunteers

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