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Our dream is to harness the potentials of Nigerian teenagers for National prosperity through GLOBAL IN-DEMAND SKILLS acquisition and mentoring across secondary education level, and we believe, as human and a techie person, you believe in that dream also.

Come Help Us Make Nigeria a Better Place Through Volunteering.

We believe you share the same dream of making Nigeria a better place as we do, and these dreams we do not want to keep them in deep slumber.

 Volunteer with us today as 3.142Volunteer and help us with your expertise in teaching these young potentials the GLOBAL IN-DEMAND SKILLS.

You can read more about our PROGRAMS and what we believe in through the button below:

Roles Open To Volunteers


  • Mobile App Developer
  • Desktop App Developer
  • Website Developer


  • Graphics Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UI/UX Designer


  • Content & Copy Writer
  • Business Expert
  • Finance Guru

Life At Techtiary

Techie’s life is not as boring as they claim it is, and we are sure you can testify to that 😊.

Yes, we can be a team of weird and introverted people, but we still find time to play by writing codes or making designs for fun and not for business 😊.

Perks & Benefits

Though, irrespective of the reason you are volunteering as 3.142Volunteers, here are some perks and benefits available, because in the true sense of understanding what volunteering is, we know it is tiring doing something not for monetary gain. 

Capacity Building

In the spirit of Ubuntu, capacity building is made possible by connecting you with other like minds and volunteers.  

Career Development

In an increasingly competitive job market, volunteering experience gives you an advantage and can be incredibly useful.

Healthy Living

Researches show that volunteering has distinct health benefits that can boost your mental and – perhaps physical health.


Apart from the other benefits which may be in capacity building, how will It seem if you’re being paid for being a volunteer? 

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